Other Concerts

I enjoy playing Concert in any setting.

Besides the ”Zabuton Concert” held at my Kayabuki Ongakudo, I will go on a tour playing anywhere.

In the days of the Seiler Piano Duo, we went out and played in many places, including the closed schools in Hokkaido, PTA events, university ceremonies, dinner shows, museums and so on.

The intention is that we do not think that "you can not play great music without a great concert hall". Of course, I think it would be nice to have a nice Japanese concert hall with world-class acoustics, a great piano, and a conscious audience. Over the years, we duos have performed in most of the great concert halls, and I look forward to playing in more wonderful new ones than ever before. It is a great honor and I am grateful to have the opportunity to open the piano in a new hall. Many such halls are built in rural areas, sometimes in the middle of rice fields, and are usually very good facilities. However, as a result of the lack of funding to plan and run a series of high-quality classical concerts, expensive grand pianos will rarely be used after the opening excitement. Because of this I am also happy to play in such a halls.