「Shinkyo Roman ~ Romantische Freunde~ 」released!

The Seiler Piano Duo has over the years recorded 8 CDs.

Please contact if you are interested in them. Each one has a short excerpt which may be listen to at play button


Shinkyo Roman ~ Romantische Freunde~

¥2,500(Tax included)

Clara Schumann : Marsch in Es Dur
G.W. Marks Aus "Souvenir de la Russie" Op.151
Theodor Kirchner : 6 Originalkompositionen Op.57
Robert Schumann : Aus "Bilder aus Osten" Op.66
Johannes Brahms : Liebesliederwalzer Op.52a 18 Stuecke
Antonin Dvorak : Slavonic Dance Op.72-16

Oto Fuukei

¥2,000(Tax included)

Sound of Nature in Goma
Yoshinao Nakada : "The Four Seasons of Japan" for four hands
C. Debussy : Six Epigraphes Antiques
M. Ravel : Ma Mere L'oye

Tansyun Tanon

¥2,000(Tax included)

A. Diabelli : Sehnsucht nach dem Fruehing
L. Aubert : Habanera
S. Barber : Tango
C. Saint Saens : 3 Rhapsodies over Breton songs
C. M. von Wever : Aufforderung zum Tanz
K. H. Pillney : Alt Wien, waltz

Ka Cho Fu Getu

¥2,000(Tax included)

The Beauties of Nature
A. Dvorak : Humoresques
W. A. Mozart : Variations g minor (from piano concert No.18)
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy : Seven Songs Without Words
F. Liszt : Symphonic Poem No.4 「Orpheus」

Kisei Rakuon ~Die Blaue Blume~

¥2,000(Tax included)

E. H. Grieg : Holberg Suite No.5 "Rigaudon"
F. Liszt : Symphonic Poem No.4 "Orpheus"
F. Schubert : Grande sonate B dur D.617 Op.30
J. Brahms : Ungarische Tanze No.6, N0.8
A. Dvorak : Slavonic Dances Op.46-2, Op.72-4, Op.72-8
J. J. Raff : Les pecheuses de Procida (Tarantella) Op.82-12

Ichidan Kisho

¥2,000(Tax included)

E. Grieg : 2 Waltz Caprices
I. Paderewski : Songs and Dances of the Polish People of Zakopane
K. H. Pillney : The Merry Escapades of a Popular Tune
M. Moszkowski : Spanish Dances

Seikou Usou

Sold Out

Tokyo Saiin

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Seiler Family Grand Concert

¥2,500(Tax included)

~ In Celebration of the 50th anniversary of E.Seiler's arrival in Japan
September 8, 2012 in Kyoto Concert Hall Main Hall

The Book

Tages Arbeit! Abends Gaeste!

Sold Out

In 1996 Kazuko was asked to do a weekly column for the Asahi Newspaper, essays telling about our life and experience in the Japanese country side. This column ran for a whole year and was quite a success. A publishing company bought the rights and the essays became the foundation for a book about us and our doings, written in Japanese by Kazuko.
It had 6 printings, but is unavailable now.

Kazuko Seiler