Kayabuki Concerts

Kayabuki Concert in Spring 2017

For an artist to have ones own concert hall is an extreme luxury. Our Kayabuki Ongaku-do in Hiyoshi-cho, Goma, seats some 300 people and usually is full. We do 8 concerts in spring and 8 in autumn, the most beautiful seasons in Japan. Summers are too hot and winters too cold to have guests.

These concerts have become something like an institution in Western Japan, even the limited express train stops in Goma especially for these events. We have a big mailing list, we send the schedule for the next concerts and the program.

In 1999 we had some 6,000 guests making the trip to Goma. There is a feeling of familiarity in the audience, riding the train together, walking through the rice fields together, sitting closely together on o-zabuton (floor pillows), getting to know each other over the years, sitting very close to us and getting to know us and our children through our mailings. A small cup of Ozeki Hanawaka wine with a cookie at intermission, a riceball (o-nigiri), made from our own rice on going home, add to the feeling of closeness between us and the audience.

The programs change every season, often more than half the pieces are first performances for Japan, pieces we find at libraries all over the world.

Kayabuki Concerts