The Seiler Quartet
Yuri, Naomi, Mayumi, Midori

The Seiler quartet is formed by the 4 daughters of Ernst Seiler's first marriage to the Japanese Pianist Mie Ogiso. Living far apart, the quartet rarely gets a chance to perfom together, distance, jobs, and familly duties are difficult hurdles to overcome.

Whenever the four of them do get together to rehearse and perform as a quartet, the results are spectacular. (Auricular)

The Seiler Quartet HP :

Yuri Seiler

Yuri, the oldest, plays first cello in the NDR orchestra in Hamburg, Germany.
Yuri HP:

Naomi Seiler

Naomi, the violist, plays at the first desk of the Hamburg Symphony orchestra.
Naomi HP:

Mayumi Seiler

Mayumi, violin, lives and teaches in Toronto, Canada, where she organizes her own concert series. She performs all over the world in recitals and in concerts with orchestra.
Often she is a guest professor at the summer school of the Mozarteum, Salzburg.
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Midori Seiler

Midori lives in Berlin, Germany. Usually she performs on the baroque violin, in ensemble and as a soloist in concertos with orchestra. She also frequently works as a conductor. Her many CDs are highly valued.
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The Seiler Family Grand Concert