Oto Seiler

Oto Seiler Oto was born in Kyoto on April 30th 1983 and spent his early years in Japan.  He later left at the age of 11 to study in England at Bootham School in York, achieving his GCSEs and A levels going on to study Geography and Economics at Oxford Brookes University.

After graduating, Oto decided to pursue his passion for architecture and construction. He started by thatching one summer on roof renovation of the concert hall and on our house. He apprenticed for 4 years at a traditional carpentry company in Kyoto, Watabun Koumu, who carries out lots of work for Kumakura Koumuten, a renowned company specializing in traditional architecture. Projects during his apprenticeship included Katsura Imperial Palace, Imahie Shrine, Hiiragiya Ryokan (traditional Inn) various Machiyas (town houses), Chashitsu (tea houses) as well as new houses constructed in the traditional style.

At the end of his apprenticeship, he gained a qualification in Architectural Carpentry from Kyoto City. With his wife Emily, a new addition to the Seiler Family, he went back to England where he currently resides, continuing works in construction. After the first couple of years where he learnt traditional oak framing techniques with companies in Cornwall, he decided to go off on his own starting the True Carpentry Company. Please visit his website and see the work he has been and is involved with:

Oto Seiler
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