Enjoy the beautiful Japanese Country side!

And also listen to some classical music for Piano duet in a re-built Zen temple

The Seiler Piano Duo (Ernst Seiler and his wife Kazuko) is giving recitals of music for one piano, four hands, in their re-built Zen temple in Goma. The building stems from 1784, is straw thatched and is a National Registered Cultural Building.

It takes about one hour from Kyoto by train to get there, another 18 minutes to walk through rice fields to their home. The train ride offers exceptionally beautiful views of unspoiled landscape, the village of Goma is like something out of an old story book. The Seilers playing has been acclaimed throughout the world. There are some refreshments (omotenashi) served during intermission(homemade cake and drink, as well as a rice ball (o-nigiri) )for everyone at the end of the concerts. The rice is grown on the Seilers farm.

Admission ¥2,500yen

Please let us know the date and time you could come, your name and the number of friends who would like to come with you. Please also give your PC address and send your application to

*Replace [at] in the above mail address with @.
or send a FAX to 075-781-9003

Concert Date Opening time
1 MAY 27, 2017 SAT 11:00
2 15:00
3 MAY 28, 2017 SUN 11:00
4 15:00
5 JUN 03, 2017 SAT 11:00
6 15:00
7 JUN 04, 2017 SUN 11:00
8 15:00

Program for Spring 2017

Heinlich Hofmann Italienische Liebes Novelle
Handel Organ Concerto
F. Schubert Grand Sonata D.617 Op.30

From Kyoto JR Station take the Sanin-Sagano Line

*change the train at Sonobe Station

Sanin - sagano
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For the performance at
9:25 → 10:05(L.Express) 13:45* → 14:51
9:03* → 10:13 14:45* → 15:51
For the performance at
13:07* → 14:03 17:26 → 18:08(L.Express)
17:47* → 19:05
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